About Baby Art

A simple drawing application for your iPad. That's Baby Art!

Baby Art is the perfect way to get your little one interested in the wonders of art. This app is designed to hold your baby's interest and stimulate artistic creativity. How?

Everything about the drawing portion of the app is automated, so your little artist just needs to touch the screen and see designs come into place. It's frustration free. Brush shapes and colors automatically change at set intervals. This captures the child's attention with bright colors and shapes.

Babies are fascinated with technology. Anything that is beyond their scope of comprehending how exactly it works becomes captivating. Your baby can spend hours creating mini art masterpieces on a tablet or smartphone. If you are an artist and want to introduce you infant to the world of art, this is the way to do it.

The best part is that there is no messy clean up. There's no paint on the walls, the carpet, the cat, or your baby's face. All of the art takes place on the screen meaning that the only clean up will involve wiping away a few tears if your baby gets upset when it is time to stop playing.

Mr. Arty